League of Legends Wild Rift – How To Play For Free

Riot Games has published a development diary of League of Legends: Wild Rift in which it wanted to preview all the content that will arrive to the mobile version of its popular MOBA with patch 2.2, which will be available for download worldwide starting March 30.

The company has advanced that it will be the biggest update that the game has received so far. It will especially delight users in America, because they will finally be able to download the title and join the games to face other players, thus expanding the number of countries in which Wild Rift can be played.

In order for them not to be left too far behind, an event will be temporarily enabled for them that will allow them to get heroes and other elements faster than usual. In addition, the occasion will be used to add five new champions to the list: Galio, Rammus, Renekton, Kha’zix and Rengar. In fact, the Masters of the Hunt event dedicated to the rivalry between these last two characters will be launched soon.

Another great novelty of this patch is that the item catalog will be reformed with some new items and changes in the icons to make them look more like the PC version. The option to send alerts on the map will also be added, players’ names can be hidden and finally, before starting a game, each player will be able to choose the position in which he/she prefers to play.

On the other hand, those who dedicate many hours to Wild Rift will have the opportunity to level up a new battle pass, which will provide a multitude of rewards. Of course, there will be a paid version with more exclusive prizes and missions that only those who decide to pay the cashier will have access to.

Last but not least, the game will welcome ARAM, one of the most popular game modes in which two teams of five against five with randomly chosen characters face each other in a straight line scenario. This will give players even more options to hang out the way they want to from next week onwards.

Android and iOS mobile players of League of Legends: Wild Rift already have available since yesterday, April 12, 2021, the new free update for the title that brings version 2.2a. Riot Games has shared on its official blog the details of this patch that presents new content, the future arrival of the champion Rammus and other changes. Below we review all the most important new features.

LoL: Wild Rift v2.2a – New champion: Rammus

This Wild Rift patch will add a new champion to the game this coming April 22nd at 02:01 Spanish peninsular time.


“Idealized by many, ignored by others, inexplicable to all, Rammus is quite an enigma. Protected by a framework of spikes, he inspires increasingly absurd theories about his origins wherever he goes. These range from considering him a demigod, a sacred oracle and even a simple beast, a product of magic. Whatever the truth, Rammus keeps his opinion to himself and stops at nothing in his travels through the Shurima desert.”

New content in version 2.2a

Wild Rift version 2.2a adds new content to the game that you will be able to obtain or purchase through various means.

Icons: Astral Strive, Astral Triumph.
Emoticons: Astral Penguin.
Retreats: Towards the stars, Cosmic transcendence.
Trinkets: Astral.