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At the height of the technological revolution, League of Legends or better known by its acronym L.O.L has been one of the most popular games of competitive nature in recent years, being of the genre called “Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Arena” by its acronym M.O.B.A, even having within its platform more than 100 million fully active players monthly. It is a game with a very constant and marked evolution, developed by Riot Games especially for Microsoft Windows but some time later a beta version was launched for OS X, which gradually increased its popularity with respect to the original, leaving it aside.

It is a highly competitive game and one of the most popular e-sports games, based especially on Warcraft III and its custom map, which is inspired by the StarCraft scenario.

And what does League of Legends consist of?

Players enter an arena where they will compete in teams, which will join forces to destroy the base structure of the opposing team, called “Nexus”, passing over defense structures called “Turrets” in a period of time that can range from 15 to 50 minutes approximately.

It has 3 different game modes: Summoner’s Rift, The Wailing Abyss and last but not least, Teamfight Tactics, in which players will be able to manage characters distinguished between champions, chosen and assigned, which possess a number of exclusive abilities correctly determined for each one. The game currently has 151 champions available for use, with Samira being the latest addition to the system.

Each champion starts the game playing at a low level that will increase as they gain experience, how? by knocking down other players of the rival team, the champion can reach a maximum level of 18. Every time a player is killed in combat, he is automatically revived in his team’s base, however, his experience decreasesPlayers also start with a relatively low amount of gold, which will increase by defeating other players of the enemy team or characters considered non-players such as minions and monsters, on the other hand, there is also the possibility of increasing the amount of gold by defeating enemy entities and by interacting with items or skills possessed by the champions.

This gold can be later redeemed within the game to increase your character’s stats and therefore have more attack, stamina, life, among other things.

What about your environment, what will I get?

League of Legends will allow the player to enter the world of Runeterra, in which there is a great variety of existing heroes and villains that have a lot of political differences between the various countries of the main continent, Valoran. Many of the champions that we see in L.O.L come from many more countries besides Runeterra, making these champions fight against each other, basically this is the outline of what would be the setting and adaptation of the game.

Runeterra consists of a set of countries that are captive in a great system of rivalries, alliances, conflicts and much more. With the most powerful entities as leaders, the states Demacia and Noxus, which remain in a fairly constant.

What are the available maps?

League of Legends has 4 Fields of Justice, as players usually call the available maps, with different styles, victory modes and battle terrains, I describe them to you below:

Summoner’s Rift: By the vast majority of users around the world is considered the most popular and standard map of the entire game, in which 2 teams of 5 players each will battle each other to destroy the Nexus of the opposing team, because once that happens, the game is concluded. Each of the Nexus at the ends, one in the lower left corner and the other in the lower right corner, having around them a number of Turrets and Inhibitor

Twisted Forest: This map has many similarities to its predecessor, however, it has a smaller arena so that only 3 players per team can defeat the opponent’s Nexus, besides introducing the presence of “Altars” that give the team that takes control of them a lot of benefits.

Wailing Abyss: It allows users to play A.R.A.M (All Random All Mid) games where they will not be able to choose their champions, these will be assigned randomly, this map reintroduces the fights of 5 players per team and with only one available lane in comparison with its previous ones, which allows more fights and the impossibility of players to return to their base camp.

Crystal Scar: The presence of this map was discontinued due to the unpopularity that it took along the time, it was mainly used to play the Dominion mode, in which each team was the controller of a base and the battle consisted of obtaining points by capturing more objectives than the rival team as time went by, which were later reduced to the total “lives” of said team. Each team had 200 points at the start of the game, the first to reduce the other team’s life count to 0 was awarded the victory of the game.

Frenzy in the Nexus: It is one of the smallest maps in the game containing a large jungle and two lanes, with the inclusion of highly powered creatures that players must take down, like the “Twisted Forest” allows a maximum of 3 players per team. It is also a mode that allows obtaining items that were previously removed with the constant progress of the game.