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The best way to look for a job is to begin at home before you go out to look. You will want to make a resume or you will want to write down all of your past employment history in a notebook. This will help you to fill out the applications quickly and efficiently.

The next thing you will want to do is to dress for the occasion. You want to look professional however, you do not want to over dress. The ideal here is if you are looking for a job at a car lot washing cars all day. Do not show up to apply in a three-piece suite. Slacks a dress shirt or a skirt and nice matching blouse will suffice.

Make sure your hair is neat and if you are a man and have facial hair make sure it is trimmed and neat. Fast food places tend to frown on man with facial hair and some places do not allow facial piercing. All of these should be taken into consideration when look for a job.

When you leave the house, you should start as far away from you your home as possible when putting in the applications. This way you are not wasting valuable gas. You are working your way back to your home each time. This works the best if you know the town you are living in well.

If you are not familiar with the town or city you are looking in then you should get a map or use the city transit system to save your gas. If you are looking for a job, you want to save all you can where you can. The money will be, needed elsewhere.

In addition, use the phone to call and ask if businesses are hiring this will save you time and gas. There is no need to put in an application if the business is not, needing help. When you fill out the application, ask to give it directly to the manager, when you see the manager ask them about the status of the opening and questions about the opening.

This will show the manager that you are truly interested and that you care about what you are applying. They will look closer at a potential employee that is interested in the job.

Put in as many applications as you can in one week, then go back and follow up on the places where you applied. It helps to write down all the places you apply.

The following tips should help you achieve your goal.

1. Don’t spend your time watching TV, playing electronic games and generally becoming a couch potato. Get moving!

2. Read the local paper job vacancies on the day the paper is published. You don’t have to buy the paper, just go along to your local library and read the free copy.

3. Become a very regular visitor to the Job Centre. Make sure the staff at the Centre know you and that you are keen to work. Some Job Centres are more ‘people friendly’ than others.

4. When you write a letter of application for any job make sure that your letter has impact, stands out from the rest and is not overlooked.

5. Write a good CV. Not packed with insignificant details. Stick to the facts and don’t lie. You will be found out eventually and no one likes a liar.

6. When you get to the interview stage present yourself well. You have three seconds to make a good impression – don’t waste them. Research shows that 7% of people conducting an interview based their opinion on what you say. The rest depends on how you look and act. Amazing! Think about this. When you meet a person for the first time – what is your reaction? 

7. Be well turned out for the interview. Clean, tidy, sit well and all the obvious points should be followed. 

8. If you do not succeed at this first interview, do not despair. Learn from the experience, taking your knowledge with you when you get your next interview.