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Hitman is a series of stealth video games available on most modern formats. The plot of the video games revolves around a man named Agent 47 (or simply “47”), who is the product of genetic enhancement experiments and superman creation, specially designed to assassinate when hired. The games contain a considerable amount of violence and are rated “Mature +17” (17+) on the ESRB and “+16” (16+) on the PEGI system.

The Hitman series of games are developed by the Danish company IO Interactive, for some time now a division of Eidos Interactive.

Seven video games have been released: Hitman: Codename 47 (2000), Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (2002), Hitman: Contracts (2004) Hitman: Blood Money (2006), Hitman: Absolution (2012), Hitman (2016) and Hitman 2 (2018). The games have been highly valued in the musical aspect, thus Jesper Kyd being in charge of their soundtrack, with the help of the Budapest Symphony Orchestra.

The film, starring Timothy Olyphant, was released on November 21, 2007, and although it did not generally receive very positive reviews, it made a good profit margin at the box office. A second film titled Hitman: Agent 47, was released on August 21, 2015, with actor Rupert Friend playing Agent 47.

Main characters:

  • Agent 47 A clone created from the genetic manipulation (DNA recombination) of five of the world’s most dangerous criminals. The fact that the DNA came from multiple ethnicities allows 47 to blend in to some degree in most countries around the world, or at least not immediately look suspicious and out of place. His name comes from the last two digits of the bar code located on the back of his head – 640509-040147. He is tall, hairless, light blue eyes, no sense of individualism, usually wears a suit with black leather gloves and a red tie, also speaks with a soft, sophisticated British accent and has been known to disguise himself. Created from the conception of being the perfect assassin, Agent 47’s strength, speed and intellect are above the human average. Agent 47 is voiced by David Bateson.
  • Diana Burnwood (47’s contact at the Agency recognized by 47 only for her voice. Only appears in Hitman: Absolution, (which is shot by him). In Hitman: Contracts she appears behind 47 on a plane and can hardly be seen; in Hitman: Blood Money, she appears physically but her face is never shown).
  • Dr. Ort-Meyer (Creator of 47’s clones).
  • Agent Smith (47’s friend who is almost always kidnapped and later rescued by 47).
  • Lee Hong (Leader of the Red Dragon, Chinese triad).Mei Ming, known in the original Hitman as Lei Ling, is a Hong Kong prostitute owned by crime lord Lee Hong. She is the first woman to ever kiss 47, even if he reacted with displeasure. In the movie Hitman, actress Olga Kurylenko plays Nika Boronina, which could be a reference to this character, the prostitute of Russian President Mikhail Belicoff who shows some attraction to 47.
  • Frantz Fuchs (International Terrorist)
  • Dr. Odon Kovacs (Dr. Ort-Meyer’s partner).
  • Arkadij ‘Boris’ Jegorov (Arms dealer).
  • Pablo Belisario Ochoa (Drug dealer).
  • Sergei Zavorotko (“Uncle” of 47, who kidnaps Father Vittorio, 47’s friend, and is later killed by the latter).
  • Alexander Leland Cayne (Former FBI director and current leader of The Franchise).
  • Mark Parchezzi III ‘The Albinox’.
  • Agent 17 (clone of Agent 47 working for Zavorotko, with the same physical characteristics. He dies in St. Petersburg at the hands of 47).
  • Benjamin Travis : Age: 43 years (1969 – 2012). Former ICA Operator (gamma rank). Army professional between 1990 and 1999. Served in the United States Marines. Received a bronze star for heroic behavior in Operation Desert Storm. Discharged for dishonorable conduct in December ’99 after several unauthorized covert operations. Obtained a pardon after a Type 6 ICA intervention. Enlisted in February 2001 in the ICA, where he quickly exceeded all expectations. He is a specialist in violent and high-impact operations. He demonstrates leadership and innovation. He is a natural in conflict scenarios. She was the architect of numerous programs and initiatives for the agency. Replaced Diana Burnwood in Hitman Absolution.