Happy Wheels How To Play For Free

You’ve never tried an online racing game like this one. Join the world’s most reckless racers, bikers and speed freaks as they race around incredibly dangerous race tracks in Happy Wheels!

But don’t let the title fool you: neither they nor their wheels will be very happy as they try to negotiate all sorts of obstacles, from huge boxes and chasms to lethal assassins and giant fists! Will you make it to the finish line through the insane levels of this intense platform game?

If you try the full version of Happy Wheels, you can even design levels! Will you be able to terrorize players around the world with your circuits? Unleash your imagination and design all kinds of chaotic levels in this original bike game!

How to play Happy Wheels?

The goal of Happy Wheels races is to reach the finish line without serious injury. Players will come across unimaginable obstacles in levels that have been devised by expert designers and beginners from all over the world.

Game controls

UP ARROW to accelerate.
DOWN ARROW to brake.
RIGHT ARROW to lean forward.
LEFT ARROW to lean backwards.
Z to exit the vehicle.
SPACEBAR to jump.
CTRL/MAYUS to do other maneuvers.
What are the Tips and Tricks for Happy Wheels?
Be ready for anything, even crashing into bombs!
Lean back when your rider gets thrown into the air – it will help you land!
Jumping is the key for your rider to avoid the biggest problems; don’t stop doing it.
Look for the clues on each track: they will warn you of the traps.
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Who created Happy Wheels?
Happy Wheels is the work of the American studio Fancy Force.