Genshin Impact Download For Free Here

Genshin Impact is a free 3D open-world role-playing, adventure and exploration game developed by Mihoyo for consoles, mobiles and PC. The title will take us to the world of Teyvat and tells the story of a world where humans received civilization from the elemental gods. With a certain emphasis on multiplayer and cooperation within a global narrative, users will have to fight against hundreds of enemies and creatures, carry out missions and improve levels.

A role-playing game with multiplayer options

Genshin Impact starts when a young couple encounters a strange goddess that stops them from jumping between worlds. Our mission will be to search for one of our relatives in the distant and vast kingdom of Teyvat, a huge scenario that will serve as a backdrop for the game and a story in which there are kings, gods and ancient battles between factions.

Genshin Impact presents us with a gigantic open map, completely explorable with absolute freedom. We will find forests, castles, large camps of enemies, multiple chests, challenges, puzzles, temples, plants or minerals to collect.

In this context, in which farming and leveling up are vital, the importance of the elements and the number of characters to form our group is also vital. In the game, each character is associated with some kind of element that has use in and out of combat, with the possibility of combining with other elemental effects. To all its proposal we must add an imposing visual section, a deep gameplay and the possibility of playing on consoles, iOS and Android devices and PC.

Free but with micropayments and gacha mechanics

A free to play method has been implemented in Genshin Impact, so gachapon mechanics and micropayments are present. There is a system of coins and crystals, and you can pay real money to advance faster. However, as it is not a competitive game, each player will decide if they want to advance slower without paying a cent or go faster by paying some money. It is neither vital nor necessary.

Genshin Impact’s content is just a few days away from being expanded once again and this time it will be thanks to patch 1.4, which will be available for free download on all platforms from March 17, so new challenges and quests will be waiting for all players next week.

Those who have reached adventure rank 20 and have completed the “Song of the Dragon and Freedom” quest chain will receive an invitation to Mondstadt to join its citizens in a festival that will take place in the city as a result of this new update.

Thus, during the celebration it will be possible to participate in new mini-games to obtain numerous rewards and prizes. Some of them will be designed to be played alone, but there will also be others that will require the cooperation of players. Thus, for each one that is completed, tickets will also be obtained to be exchanged for various products during the festival.

But not everything will stop there, since the story will continue with new main missions to continue investigating the Order of the Abyss, which in turn will entail going through new areas and fighting against new enemies and final bosses.

This will be possible with the help of Rosaria, a new 4-star heroine who has previously appeared in the game and will now become controllable. And of course there will also be the corresponding adjustments and optimizations of each patch and that you will have at your disposal on PS4, PS5, PC, iOS and Android in just a few days.