Change is inevitable, and the sooner we understand it, the better it is for us. But do you know the secret to making true change possible? It is to focus all your energy on building something new rather than fighting the old. And that’s exactly what General Motors plans to do.

GM has been making headlines quite frequently, whether it’s around electrification or introducing a new logo. And here they are again announcing their goal to eliminate gas and diesel vehicles by 2035. FYI, California’s government also made a similar initiative by announcing that they’d stop the sale of brand-new gas vehicles by 2035.

Now let’s not waste any more time and dig deeper into the matter.


On January 28, 2021, GM’s CEO Mary Barra disclosed the company’s intention of turning into a zero-carbon emission company by 2035. To achieve this goal, she announced that they wouldn’t produce any more gas vehicles, and though comprehending this move might take a while for both company as well as the consumers, the introduction of EVs will ease the transition.

In addition to this big announcement, on the same day, Barra also declared that all GM factories in the United States would turn into renewable energy using factories by 2030. She further explained the supplier’s role in this change and also talked about the sustainability council. FYI, the company will make a sustainability council that will learn and share the practices with other colleagues.

This announcement expands Barra’s vision of an emission-less company, which she revealed at the 2021 CES technology conference. Later, the company said that it would work on becoming carbon-neutral by 2040. Barra explained that the company is working towards removing emissions from every product and its global operations within the next 20 years.

She revealed that General Motors would be using several technologies to remove emissions that can lead to carbon credits or carbon offsets. Apart from the above changes, the automaker has also signed the Business Ambition for a 1.5 Celsius commitment. This deal prohibits them from increasing global warming beyond 2 degrees Celsius.

Barra also talked about their intentions behind going green. She said that GM’s move is aimed to help the government achieve its climate goals and motivate other organizations to build a safer and better world. She continued that not only will this move encourage other companies and industries, but it will also impact the global economy.


GM is all set to become electric and go green in the near future. The changes made by the company are to support the government in building a greener future and also to make the world a better place. And we hope that the move works wonders for the company and others follow suit soon.

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